Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paying for my raising.....

Well, I learned a valuable lesson today....anything that you did to your parent's, at least one of your children (if not all!) will eventually do to you! I think I need to go make a list of all the sneaky, manipulative, "how far can I go before they figure it out" things I did to my mom, dad and granny so next time I will have a heads up.
The boys wanted to order Letterman jackets. Between their chores being left unfinished, grades getting lower as their hormones get higher and the cost I decided to break their little hearts and tell them no for now. Tyler was annoyed, but has his ROTC jacket so it wasn't a big deal. Evan though made it clear he was not happy at ALL, but then not much besides teenage girls makes him happy these days...and I figured that was the end of that.
My dad shows up this morning, saying Evan called him because between the surgery and the meds I "forgot" to send the money & order form for his jacket so could he bring him a check. The pain meds do have me a little slow, and I just woke up so even though I knew something wasn't quite right I was too fuzzy to figure out what. I remember Dad saying he would take a check to the school and I curled back up on the couch. A few hours later after the "medicine head" wore off I realized why the conversation with my dad had seemed so confusing. I hadn't forgotten, I had said NO! That little stinker figured my dad wouldn't want to bother me after surgery and would just bring him the check and I wouldn't find out until it was too late!
I was pissed at first...until I realized just how many times I had pulled this same trick when I was his age...and, to be honest, way after I was old enough to still be doing it! My mom had a good laugh when I told her about it and agreed that I am indeed "paying for my raising" :)