Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paying for my raising.....

Well, I learned a valuable lesson today....anything that you did to your parent's, at least one of your children (if not all!) will eventually do to you! I think I need to go make a list of all the sneaky, manipulative, "how far can I go before they figure it out" things I did to my mom, dad and granny so next time I will have a heads up.
The boys wanted to order Letterman jackets. Between their chores being left unfinished, grades getting lower as their hormones get higher and the cost I decided to break their little hearts and tell them no for now. Tyler was annoyed, but has his ROTC jacket so it wasn't a big deal. Evan though made it clear he was not happy at ALL, but then not much besides teenage girls makes him happy these days...and I figured that was the end of that.
My dad shows up this morning, saying Evan called him because between the surgery and the meds I "forgot" to send the money & order form for his jacket so could he bring him a check. The pain meds do have me a little slow, and I just woke up so even though I knew something wasn't quite right I was too fuzzy to figure out what. I remember Dad saying he would take a check to the school and I curled back up on the couch. A few hours later after the "medicine head" wore off I realized why the conversation with my dad had seemed so confusing. I hadn't forgotten, I had said NO! That little stinker figured my dad wouldn't want to bother me after surgery and would just bring him the check and I wouldn't find out until it was too late!
I was pissed at first...until I realized just how many times I had pulled this same trick when I was his age...and, to be honest, way after I was old enough to still be doing it! My mom had a good laugh when I told her about it and agreed that I am indeed "paying for my raising" :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surgery day :/

Ok, kids are off at moms so she can get them on the bus, Taylor is staying the night so she can take me to the hospital at 5am and my cell is fully charged so Charlie can check in on yahoo when he gets in from his mission this afternoon. Now, I just have to sit and wait the next couple of hours---with NO Mt. Dew! I'm pretty sure the no drinking after midnight is going to be the worst part of this whole thing! Hi, my name is Kelli and I'm an addict. LOL Anyway, wish me luck...or at least wish me lots of good drugs so I don't care what they are doing down there! ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting ready for surgery #1.....

Well, I go today for my pre-op work-up and testing, then surgery Thursday morning at 5:30am. Now that we know it's going to be a lot more difficult and has a smaller percentage of being successful I am starting to stress, knowing that means another, more invasive surgery to fix things. I really wish Charlie was here. Taylor is coming to stay with me the night before surgery but she can only stay that night because she is GRADUATING Thursday night! (all my kiddos are growing up so fast!!!) So, once I get home from the hospital it's just me and the kiddos. Oh well, it will all work out somehow. My mom & dad will help as much as they can, of course, I'm way past lucky on that front!
Anyway, got to talk to Charlie for a good long while last night. We got on the webcam so me and Hannah got to "see" him for awhile! Makes him seem not so far away - for a little while at least. 

There has been so much going on lately, I planned on updating it but as usual I'm already running behind so I guess I will have to save it for later.